Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Catch-Up!


This month has been filled with high highs and low lows. I haven't felt much like blogging since Eric passed away 9 days ago. But, this blog is a great source of joy for me - especially in retrospect. One of the greatest gifts I've given myself as a mom is this blog. The chance to look back on our lives over the years is such a precious gift. It all goes by too quickly.

This month we've had lots of visitors. Devon came with her daughter for the day. Paprika loved hanging out with one of her besties!

Uncle Rob and Aunt Jackie came for a visit, too. We had such a great time having them here - they even got to watch Paprika at her swim lesson and they helped me keep Ginger entertained at the pool. I can't tell you how helpful that was! :-)


We had many days at our local "pocket park" - it's basically a sorta secret neighborhood park that is teeny tiny, but just perfect for us. Not too big, not to little. The one thing it's missing is a bathroom. But it's close enough to home that even that's not a big issue. Until it is. Haha.


Paprika loves to celebrate anything and everything. She especially loves birthday parties. She staged this big birthday party for her doll, Boo. She wrapped her presents and everything. We had this set up for about a week before I finally "unwrapped" the presents and put the dolls away.


Sometimes I honestly wonder why I buy my kids toys, because the things they most like to play with aren't toys at all. I could write a whole other post about how the kids' most beloved gifts have all come from Goodwill or the thrift store.

There is some kind of inverse relationship between how much a gift costs and how much it gets played with. The huge dollhouse I bought the girls for Christmas (that cost a small fortune) hardly gets played with but the little dollhouse I bought at a garage sale last week for $1 has been played with non-stop. Go figure! This should all teach me a lesson. For example, the girls were having a lot of fun playing with this "toy" a few weeks ago:


Hours of endless enjoyment from a clear storage bin. What can I say...the toy stores could not think up something so clever. Haha.

I have more pictures and more stories to tell from our April...hopefully I can get caught up in the next few days. Life is busy. I know it's always busy, but for some reason, with having three kids and Mr. M's crazy work schedule, it all seems busier than ever. Even so, we still managed a trip to Disneyland this month (Baby Violet's first trip!) and Grandma Pat came down for a visit, too. And probably a million other things I'm forgetting! That is why I have this blog, afterall! :-)


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That's Interesting said...

I love the picture of Baby Violet at the end. She looks so snuggly in those footies! :)

jody said...

i lost my husband of 30 years and 50 years old almost a year me life should of stopped but it keeps going on and so do we. never the same tho. im sending thoughts and prayers for you all.

Amee said...

LOVE the pic of the besties! :)