Sunday, April 15, 2012

May I Please Have A Cookie?

I'm trying to take more's on my to-do list. I am forever taking tons of pictures, but videos are a whole other level of memories. Am I right?!

So, here is Paprika reading a book at bedtime to me a week or two ago. Paprika is five years old and will be starting Kindergarten this September.

I am so proud of her!

Oh, and at one point in the video, Mr. M, Violet, and Ginger all came in the room and were being very distracting...that's the point where you see Paprika get a little sidetracked. ;-)

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bearie1 said...

You should be very proud. Not only can she read , she knows how to operate the camera. Ha!

Ellena said...

Wow! I am so impressed, both by your brilliant little girl and your laudable teaching skills! Keep it up (: God bless you!