Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Months!


Dear Violet,

You are two months old now. Two months! You are such a dream come true. One thing is for sure...you are a definite mama's girl. No matter where you are, if I am there, all is right in the world. You are the sweetest baby. Even though my mom is here this week and it gives me a lot more freedom, I still take you everywhere with me. It's just so much easier to take you than have you away from me. Last week I took you with me to get my haircut. This week I took you with me to get my pedicure. You are learning about girl stuff from an early age! ;-) You even got to go on a few dates with me and your dad. Lucky girl!

You have started to giggle and laugh, and try to talk to us! It is the best feeling watching you smile. It melts my heart completely.


You are so strong, and want to hold yourself up. We think you are trying to catch up to your big sisters. You love it when they talk to you and play with you. It is crazy to think that a year from now you'll be running after them, but right now you are 100% cuddle!

I don't have your two month stats yet b/c your "two month doctor's visit" isn't for another week (I procrastinated on the appointment and by the time I called, it was a one month wait for a well-check visit). But, just from looking at you, I would say you are well fed and growing! You are bursting out of all your 0-3 month clothes (the clothes you were swimming in at birth!) You easily fit into 3-6 month outfits, and look pretty darn cute in them, too!

You love love love to eat (errr...drink). I made a lot of changes to my diet (since you're nursing), and it's made such a huge difference. I cut out all dairy and meat products, and a few other things (broccoli) - and overnight your fussiness totally went away. Amazing. You're really so happy pretty much all the time now as long as I am the one holding you. Anybody else will get a lot of screaming. You're a girl who knows what you want!

I love you so much, and cannot imagine a day without you in it. You are just perfect, perfect to me. And I feel so honored to be your mama.


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FourJedis said...

She is beautiful, E. I'm so glad she is such a happy, laid back little girl, and thrilled that your dietary changes have made her so content. It's worth it. Violet certainly resembled her beautiful big sisters, but she does have a bit of her own look going on. You make such lovely ladies!