Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 8 Weeks!


The sweetest baby ever turns 8 weeks old today. She is my little dream come true, and I can't believe how quickly time is going (although it feels like she's been with us forever, too). She is alert but peaceful. She is so strong and holds her head up like a champ. She lights up whenever she's around her sisters. She loves to be held and loves to smile. And ever since I quit dairy, she's a very happy little baby. Who knew a small dietary change on my part (she's a nursing baby) could reap such great rewards?


Last week on her 7th week birthday, I had my follow-up postpartum visit with my doctor. It was supposed to be the 6th week visit - but we're all a little behind because of the holidays. I knew I would be bringing the baby because everyone would want to see her, so when Paprika found this out, then she wanted to go, too. Then because Paprika was going, Ginger wanted to go. So, then Mr. M had to come to help me out. So, long story short, the whole family went with me to the gynecologist. Good times!

Usually I don't wait long, but for some reason, that day they were running wayyyy behind, so we waited over an hour (I want to say 80 minutes) to see the doctor. By that time, all good moods were long gone. Ginger threw a fit and hit her head on the metal stepstool, then proceeded to have a huge meltdown. And...that's when the doctor came in!

This is my same doctor who has delivered all my kids, so I thought it would be great to get a picture of him with Paprika, Ginger, and the baby. Easier said than done. Ginger was so upset she wouldn't look at the camera. And in the most unflattering photo of me ever, I have a huge double (or is it triple?) chin. Awesome.

So, here is the glorious photo we waited 80 minutes (plus an hour in traffic each way) to take:


I guess we'll have to go back another time to take a better picture. Or not. Maybe I can just photoshop a better picture in of me and Ginger. :-)


FourJedis said...

It looks like Ginger is biting your arm. So cute regardless. You look wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself! It's nice to finally see your doctor with whom you've been through so much. Thanks for sharing. Paprika looks so cute and like she is about to giggle. Happy 8 weeks, Pavenzia!

Lauren said...

Happy 8 wonderful weeks, Erika! She's is just as beautiful as her sisters and sounds like a sweet easy baby. Glad to hear that excluding dairy from your diet did wonders. Your family GYN visit sounds fun :)

Sheila said...

Oh my, Violet is a beauty !!! You can really see her in these photos. Kudos to you for surviving the doctor visit with the kids. Why does it always seem like a great idea till you're in the thick of it? Tickled by the proud,happy smile on Paprika's face and the protective love placement of her hand on Violet's head. Don't change a thing in the photo! You ran the marathon and deserve the victory photo just as it is!!! You will laugh and love this photo years from now.

Mimi said...

she is adorable, and i love the pic of you with your 3 girls. Precious.

great that the dairy-free is working well, I should've tried that with my middle girl.