Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little Piece of Heaven


This week has been hard...on me. Whenever life seems too overwhelming, I go to my happy place. And if I can't get there physically, I go there in my mind.

The first weekend my mom was here, we went to the cove. My cove. My happy place.


It's my little slice of Heaven on Earth...and on days where it seems like all I do is fight fires and narrowly avoid catastrophe, it's good to remember our peaceful, lazy afternoons at the Cove. ;-)


Pictures like this one make me forget about Monday...when Ginger refused to take a nap, scaled the walls of her crib, and the fell asleep in Paprika's bed with no diaper on...and well, you can guess what happened next... Lots of laundry. ;-)


On that note, I will leave you with our pretty beach pictures. In my mind, when I'm dealing with the minor catastrophes of everyday, that's where I'll be! :-)







siri said...

I DO NOT know how you are doing this without hubbie being are one brave and amazing woman!!

Devon said...

you take AMAZING pictures!

thinking of you can do this!

FourJedis said...

I haven't been to your cove, but love it as well. Hang in there... each day without Mr. M is one less day he'll be away and you have to deal with it all.