Monday, December 17, 2007

Visiting Daddy at Work

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, we went to Old Town Pasadena, saw Santa, and did some Christmas shopping. We picked up some sushi, and came home and had a wonderful dinner together.

On Sunday, Mr. Mustard had to work all day, so Paprika and I made a daytrip and met up with Mr. Mustard for lunch at his office. Mr. Mustard is working on the upcoming show "Dance War" at the CBS lot. It was a great adventure meeting up with him and getting to see all the stages on the lot. On the way to his office, we passed through all the props for "The Price Is Right" and by the stages for "The Young and the Restless." Of course, we had to snap a few photos!

The Showcase Showdown from The Price Is Right:

The Late Late Show:

At The Young and the Restless Stage:

Then we went to lunch at The Grove, which is a very posh mall right next to the CBS lot. There is a secret entrance between CBS and the mall, and we were able to zip right over to the mall on foot without having to deal with the swarms of people trying to park at the mall. It worked out perfectly. We had a great lunch at the Farmer's Market, and even got to see Santa's Village at the Grove- it was truly a sight to behold. They even have snow that falls nightly at 7pm and 8pm. They have a huge Christmas tree that is in the center of their dancing fountain. Paprika loved looking at the water and was dazzled by all of the lights. On the way back from lunch, we ran into all of the contestants on the upcoming "Dance War" show. Mr. Mustard knew them all because he's editing the show and looks at their faces every day on his screen. So, we chatted with them for awhile. A good afternoon was had by all!

Paprika and Mr. Mustard in front of Santa's House:

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