Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lauren and Don's Party

Last night we went to Lauren and Don's big annual Christmas party. We had such a great time! We left Paprika at the Mother's Day Out center, and she had a wonderful time playing with the other kids. When we came to pick her up, she was standing in front of the big fish tank they have pointing out all the fish, turtles, and bubbles. The center director came over to tell us that she has never seen someone Paprika's age with such a big vocabulary. She told us all the words Paprika was saying to her. She was just in amazement about it and said that Paprika is really exceptional. So, Paprika was a big hit at the center, and she really enjoyed her time there. We were very glad to get her back, though!

The party was super fun. It was nice to get out and mingle with other adults, and have a conversation without running after Paprika. Lauren and Don's house is huge- perfect for a big party, and we got to catch up with a lot of friends we haven't seen in forever, as well as meet some new people. One couple brought their beautiful 6 week old baby to the party, and he was so adorable. It reminded me that last year we brought Paprika to the party- she was only three months old at the time- and we carried her in her baby carrier all night long. What a difference a year makes!

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