Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Little Under The Weather

Well, it looks like Paprika's evening on Saturday at the Mother's Day Out center has had unfortunate consequences. On Sunday, she started sniffling, and by yesterday, se was fully sick. She has been vomitting up everything she eats and drinks- it's pitiful! She can't keep anything down, but we've been feeding her little bits of food, water, and I've been nursing her often. It's just a fact of life of her being exposed to other kids, I guess. It makes me think twice about having her go back to the center, though- I just worry that a few hours of time around groups of kids will make her miserable for a week afterwards. It's not worth it!

My good friend Sarah was supposed to come visit today. She lives in Colorado, but is in California visiting family this week, and she was going to drive 3 hours to stay with us for two days. I really wanted to meet her baby, Zane, who is 6 months younger than Paprika. Sarah and I used to work together back at Stanford a million years ago (okay, it was 1999- but that was last century). We've remained really close over the years. It's such a shame that Paprika is so sick, because otherwise it would have been fantastic to have Paprika and Zane meet eachother. Sarah is going to plan to come out to see us another time- a trip just to see us. Otherwise, we're going to have to go to Colorado to see her!

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