Thursday, December 6, 2007

Field Trip to the Nursery

Despite being violently ill, Paprika still wants to "go, go, go!" She needs to get outside every day and see the world, otherwise she gets serious cabin fever. Because she's still sick, I won't take her anywhere other kids frequent, since I don't want her to get them sick. So, today we went to our local plant nursery and had a great time looking at flowers, Christmas trees, gnomes, and stone statues. Paprika had great fun splashing in the water fountains, petting the metal horse, and looking at fish (pronounced "Wish!") in the pond.

Paprika was throwing up until late last night, but this morning she didn't throw up at all, which is great news. The night before last, Paprika threw up in her crib while she was sleeping. It was just plain horrible. Last night we thought she threw up in her crib, but Mr. Mustard went to check on her and she was fine. So, anyway, she seems to be getting better! The problem is that everything has now moved south (so to speak), so we're dealing with sickness on the other end. I don't think I've ever seen Mr. Mustard more worried and scared than he has been over Paprika being sick these past few days. He's just beside himself with worry, as am I. But she seems to be through the worst of it (hopefully)!
Petting the horsie:

Looking at the "Wish" (fish) in the pond:

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