Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mr. Mustard is Home!

Yea! Mr. Mustard just got back from his week and a half trip to Chicago. We are so excited that he is finally home. Paprika is still sick- day four of this terrible cold. She is congested and not sleeping well at all.

Since her nose is all stuffed up, she can't nurse because if she tries to, then she can't breathe. So, I have been pumping and trying to give her lots of solids to make up for it. Well, she does not like solids in general and so far today she flat-out refused: bananas, Yo Baby yogurt, cheerios, pumpkin muffins, carrot muffins, and spinach lasagne with baked brie.

Earlier tonight, I was on the phone with my mom and I heard Paprika choking on something. I ran to the kitchen, only to find that she had opened a box of dog treats and had about eight stuffed in her mouth and was desperately trying to eat them ALL at once. I figured she was hungry, so I warmed back up the spinach lasagne and as we're sitting at the table, she starts screaming and reaching for the dog treats on the counter, saying "I want! I want!" Then I said, "no Paprika, treats for the doggie..., for doggie." Then she said back to me, "for doggie! for doggie!" Although, it sounded more like "frrrr gawgeee, frrrr gawgeee."

She had seen Hauser eating the treats earlier in the evening, and of course she wants to do everything that Hauser gets to do! I calmed her down, hid the treats, and was pretty successful in getting some spinach lasagne into her for dinner, after all.

I hope she gets over this cold quickly. We are not going back to the indoor playground again. The only times she's ever been sick in her life were after playing there, and it's just not worth it to go back there again if it's only going to make her miserable. We're going to miss that place.

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