Monday, October 22, 2007

A Little Under The Weather

Paprika caught a cold on Friday when we were at the indoor playground. This little boy came up to Paprika and started coughing and snotting right in her face. I immediately moved her away from him, but was worried that she would catch something from him. Sure enough, by Saturday morning, she was miserable. She had the high seal bark of croup and was inconsolable. Saturday night was very rough- she slept maybe three hours total the whole night and was actually crying in her sleep. I slept in her room, and could hear her laboring to breathe and wimpering. I put her on the queen bed with me and stayed up all night listening to her breathing, making sure she was okay. It was pretty scary. She is a lot better now- she slept okay last night and today she has a deep chest cough, is still a bit lethargic, but I think the worst is over. I've been running the humidifier in her room, her head is elevated in her crib to let her nose clear, and we have been using the steam in the bathroom to clear her head. I wish I could just take her sickness away and make it all better for her. It's tough.

We had plans to go up to Santa Barbara for the weekend, but Mr. Mustard got extended at the last minute to stay in Chicago for longer. He is working for Harpo there, and has been in Chicago for over a week now. I stayed here to watch the dog and take care of things, since it was supposed to be a short trip. I hope he comes home soon- Paprika really misses her daddy, and I miss him, too!

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