Tuesday, October 16, 2007

14 Months!

Today Paprika turned 14 months old. Today she also learned two new words: Up and Moon. When she says moon, it sounds like "maaaa-oooon." When we walked Hauser this evening it was dark, and she kept pointing up at the moon saying "maaaa-oooon." Then before bed, we read "Goodnight Moon," and she pointed to the moon and said it again. It's amazing to watch her make those connections.

It's been getting colder here and a bit blustery. Maybe Pasadena has an autumn season, after all. I bought Paprika a few sweaters today to keep her nice and bundled for our long walks to the park in her toy car.

Paprika woke up last night with some sort of night terror. She was sleeping peacefully and then all of a sudden was awake and screaming. I ran into her room and she was shaking. It really scared me. I rocked her for about an hour, and she just looked up at me with her big beautiful brown eyes and kept saying "mama, mama"- she didn't want to let go of me. So I stayed and rocked her back to sleep. She woke up a few more times later in the night, and I slept in her room so I could be close to her. She was all smiles by the morning, and woke up ready to run around, flinging rolls of toilet paper in her trail. All better, I guess!

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