Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paprika's First Birthday Party!

Paprika had a wonderful first birthday party at Aunt Laura and Uncle Kevin's house! All of Paprika's relatives on my side of the family were there! Unbelievable! Even my Aunts Jane and Peg came out from New Jersey! All of my aunts and uncles on my dad's side were there- Ed, Jeanette, Rob, Jackie, Jane, and Peg came. My dad came with his girlfriend Nancy. My mom and Eric, Robbie, and my grandparents were there, too! And, of course, my Aunt Laura, Uncle Kevin, Caroline, and Stephie were there (it WAS their house, after all!) ;-) Kevin's mom came to the party and was cracking jokes left and right! It was great seeing her on Paprika's special day. It was a wonderful, memorable day for us- and my best friend, Ann, made sure to take lots of pics! Here are some of the highlights!:
Aunt Laura and Stephie Pre-Party:

Uncle Kevin Slaving Away, Making Food In the Kitchen:

Paprika, Grammy, and Mommy!:

Grammy and Uncle Robbie:

Grandpa and Nancy:

Caroline and Uncle Kevin:

Enjoying the Party:

Yummy, yummy food:

The Birthday Cake!:

Mommy Helps Paprika Blow Out the Candle- a Big One!:

First Bite of Birthday Cake!:

Paprika wanted to feed everyone else her cake!:

Then she decided it tasted good enough to feed herself:

Opening Presents!:
A Group Shot of the Spinks, Kohls, Becker, Urth, and McPherson Women!:

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