Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Day In Indy!

Had a wonderful first day relaxing in Indiana. My Grandparents (Paprika's Great Grandparents) came over for an impromtu visit, which was wonderful. We visited and took a nice boat ride around the lake on my mom and Eric's new boat. It was so nice out- and Paprika loved looking at the water, ducks, and swans. She even got to drive the boat for a little while (with supervision, of course)!

We arrived safely in Indianapolis last night around 11pm. Paprika was great the whole flight- but did NOT sleep one wink. I actually did get her to fall asleep on the plane, but then a little boy a few rows back started screaming right when she fell asleep, so she woke up immediately. She got to Indianapolis very tired (after missing her nap yesterday), but still would not got to sleep until after 1am. Then today she repeated her routine and would not nap all day- and would not fall asleep (no matter what tricks I tried) until 1:30am. The time change is really doing a number on her this trip, and I'm not sure what to to about it. I am going crazy trying to get her to sleep, and she is very cranky when she hasn't had her naps. She won't let anyone hold her but me, and cries everytime I step out of the room. I am exhausted trying to accomodate her fussiness and late bedtime. I am hoping that the situation resolves itself and that she takes a nap tomorrow and goes to sleep earlier than 1:30am.

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