Monday, August 13, 2007

Indy Day Two

We had a great time meeting up with my dad and Nancy at Don Pablo's earlier today. It's Robbie's last week before he starts 7th grade, so he came along with us. We had an excellent meal and then went to Holliday Park to walk the trails and visit the nature center. Paprika loved every second of it all. She loved looking at the fountain at Don Pablo's and made friends with a little girl there. Paprika loved being carried through the woods at Holliday Park and was enchanted by all of the animals (especially the turtle) at the Nature Center. Then we went back to my mom's house and watched (part of) The Wizard of Oz with Paprika for the first time. She loved it!

Paprika is continuing her sleep strike- and is also not eating much either. It's driving me a little crazy. It's 1:30am and she just now went down to sleep after much work on my part. Sigh. She seems happy, though, so maybe I should just let her dictate her own schedule. I just want to make sure that she's getting the rest she needs. I think she is just so excited by everything here that she wants to stay up and experience it all- and like her dad, when she gets busy, she forgets to eat! I am having a tough time of it, though, and hopefully the situation will resolve itself sooner rather than later. One good thing is that my grandparents loaned me this incredible mattress pad to put under her Pack 'n Play mattress, and that has made for a much more luxurious sleeping surface for Paprika. I just put it in her crib, so hopefully that will help things a bit, as Paprika is very sensitive to her sleeping surface and likes things to be comfy-cozy.

Tomorrow is the day that one year ago I went into labor! It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year already. This time last year was the last time I slept at our apartment without Paprika! I had no idea that I'd be rushed to the hospital tomorrow to give birth to our beautiful, precious baby girl.

I think back to that time and how special it was for me-- and how fresh it still seems. I am so proud of everything we have been through as a family this last year, and how far we have come together. This has been the most magical year of my life- and I wouldn't trade these times for anything- not even the sleepless nights!

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