Friday, August 10, 2007

Dat Iss Baa!

On Wednesday night, while Mr. Mustard and I were reading Paprika her "Olivia Counts" book, Paprika uttered her first sentence! No joke! She pointed to the beach ball on the page and said, "Dat Iss Baa!" Translation: That is ball. I definitely count it as her first sentence. :-)

I bought Paprika her first pair of walking shoes yesterday. I went to the store and the lady measured her feet and said they were a size 2. I was pretty surprised that they would be so small (that is nearly a newborn size), but I didn't have time to argue, since Paprika was being very squirmy and would not sit still long enough for me to let her try on the shoes properly. I bought size 3s, since those were the smallest size they had at the store, brought them home, and let Paprika wear them for a few minutes. Sure enough, they were way too small! So, today I took them back and exchanged them for her actual shoe size-- a size 5!

I really wanted to get the shoes now because she is so close to walking, and we are leaving for Indiana tomorrow. I didn't want to get there and have her cruising around outside without proper footwear, especially at her first birthday party next week!
We have a big week ahead of us. I am really looking forward to it all! My dad has taken the week off work next week, so we will get to spend lots of quality time with him and his girlfriend, Nancy. We are having a big family birthday party at my Aunt Laura's house on the 18th to celebrate Paprika's 1st birthday! Mr. Mustard will be joining us at some point (work permitting), which will be fantastic!

The only thing I'm really dreading is the plane ride tomorrow-- me bringing Paprika (by myself, again) on a cross-country flight. She's sitting on my lap (she can fly for free that way til she's 2), and let me tell you, it's no fun holding a squirmy little toddler on your lap for 5 1/2 hours on a full flight, no matter how well-behaved she is. Thank goodness, Mr. Mustard stopped by an electronics store today on his lunch hour and bought a portable DVD player. I count it as an early birthday present to Paprika. I'm bringing her favorite video (Baby Songs) with us on the plane and hoping that it keeps her happy for most of the flight. We shall see- here's hoping!

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