Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Paprika's favorite new trick is to dump everything on the floor- including bags of Cheerios! I like to call it "decorating the floor"- she is very skilled at it! Hauser usually helps me clean it up, and he loves getting a little extra snack.

I am trying to figure out what to do for Paprika's 1st birthday, which is just a little over a month away! My original plan to go to Indiana may need to be pushed back due to Mr. Mustard's hectic work schedule. Mr. Mustard was supposed to be finished with his current show by early July, but now it looks like he might be working on it until the end of August.

I can't believe Paprika is almost a year old- the time has flown by so quickly. She is growing into such a bright and funny little girl before my eyes. She keeps me laughing and smiling every day. Paprika loves looking at books- she could do that for hours. We're going to go to the library and pick up some more books later today. She's seen all the ones we have many, many times and is thirsting for some new material.

Paprika is getting another tooth- this time it's her bottom right tooth. It's giving her a lot of pain- she woke up yesterday screaming. I looked in her mouth and her lower gum was angry and red, with a little white tooth popping out. She went for so long with just those two bottom teeth, and now all of a sudden she's gotten 5 new teeth in the past two weeks. It's incredible!

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