Monday, July 9, 2007

Paprika is 10 1/2 months old, and has been going through an explosion of developmental milestones in the past two weeks. While we were in Chicago, she started crawling on all fours for the first time. Prior to that, she scooted along very quickly on her chest doing an "army crawl." She was so proficient at it that I thought she might go straight from the army crawl to walking. Turns out she's even faster now on all fours.

While we were in Chicago, she also started standing up. She can stand up holding onto things with one hand, and has even started cruising from one piece of furniture to the next. Walking appears to be just around the corner.

With all of these mobility milestones in our laps, we are faced with a very inquisitive and mobile baby. She is into everything- no cabinet, drawer, or door is safe! She wants to open everything and climb inside. She is keeping me very, very busy!

Paprika also babbles non-stop and understands a lot of words- probably more words than we even think! For example, if you say to Paprika, "Paprika- point at Daddy's nose"- she will point at Mr. Mustard's nose. Or last night, we said to her, "Paprika, do you want to take a bath?" and she crawled over the bathtub and stood at the edge, and started to try to crawl inside.

She loves playing games, too. She loves being chased and will squeal with delight when we say "I'm gonna get you!" She races off. Or if I say to her, "Paprika, go get the kitty," she will crawl over to the cat and start petting her.

Paprika loves to throw her pacifiers on the floor when she's in her crib. I will go into her room and say, "Paprika, what happened to all of your pacifiers?" And then she starts giggling and clapping. It's quite adorable. She also loves pushing food off of the table for Hauser to eat. Hauser has come in handy lately as our little vacuum cleaner. He's getting a few extra meals these days!

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