Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back in Chicago!!!

We are back in Chicago for another round of notes with Harpo. We are all enjoying Chicago so much. Mr. Mustard is working a lot, and Paprika and I are enjoying the sights of the city. We checked in on Sunday night to our gorgeous hotel on the Magnificant Mile. It is beatiful here, and we are certainly getting the red carpet treatment. Paprika and I have been doing some shopping these past few days. On Monday, we hit a big sale at the Baby Gap, where I bought her many, many adorable outfits. Then I got home and realized that half of the clothes are too big for her, and by the time they fit her, it will be the wrong season. So, it looks like another trip is in store for us- to return some of those clothes!

Our flight into Chicago was easy, breezy. Mr. Mustard flew with us, and we had a whole row to ourselves on the plane. We had a short layover in Phoenix, where we had lunch. Paprika was perfect on the plane- not a tear was shed the whole day. She's a trooper, for sure! That night we had dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Ave. and then brought dessert back to the hotel to eat while Paprika was sleeping.

Monday night we went to a great Italian restaurant around the corner from our hotel. The food was so good that we went back last night with Mr. Mustard's co-workers to eat there again!

Right now Paprika is taking a nap while I sit in the other room checking my email. We have a suite, which is so nice for us. It means that when Paprika naps, I get to do something other than sit very quietly in a dark room, which is how it would be if we had a standard hotel room.

Yesterday, we did some more sightseeing- we went to the Chicago Water Tower, one of the only buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire. We also did lots of window shopping around Michigan Ave., and had lunch at our old standby- The Corner Bakery.

Today, we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which is only a few blocks from our hotel. Paprika loved looking at all the art, especially the large photographs that were on display. I took some pictures of her there, which I will post when I get back to LA. My memory card on my camera doesn't work with our laptop.

Tonight we were supposed to have dinner with Mr. Mustard's friend, Ryan, but something came up, so now we'll just be the three of us (Mr. Mustard, me, and Paprika) for dinner. I've scouted out a few casual restaurants close-by that will be great.

Paprika turned 11 months old yesterday! Now Mr. Mustard can finally say she's 11 months old and have it be true- he's been saying that she's 11 months old for the past few weeks! I always wait to say she's the next month when it's finally here- I don't want to rush her one day! She'll grow up fast enough as it is.

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