Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Just Food!

Paprika still wants nothing to do with solid foods! That's okay with me, though. I am not going to force feed her. I am so glad that I'm breastfeeding and able to keep up with her. I would say that about 99.9% of her nutrition still comes from me- with occasional tastes of solid food here and there. She just won't take it! I offer her solid food at breakfast- and nope, she closes her mouth and puts her hands in front of her face. We try again in the afternoon and the same thing happens- head turns away, hands in front of face. Then again at dinner. Our pediatrician says it's normal- and I know it's normal. I just wonder when this little girl is going to want to have anything other than breastmilk!

Mealtimes consist of me trying to feed her unsuccessfully, then me eating her food while she tries to escape from the highchair so she can get on the floor and read her books. Reading books to herself is her favorite thing to do. She loves to sit there talking to herself, flipping the pages, and pointing at everything along the way.

Her new favorite word to say is "baby"- I bought her this brand of yogurt called "YoBaby," which is an organic whole milk yogurt. On the top of the carton, there is a picture of a baby and she points to it and says "baby!" I try to give her a spoonful or a taste from my finger and she closes her mouth and turns away. Then she starts laughing and pointing at the carton again, saying "baby, baby, baby"!

She used to love Cheerios and pieces of bread, but has now figured out that it is much more fun to feed them to Hauser. So, at least he's eating well!
In all seriousness, I know that she will eventually love solid food and will want to quit nursing- so I should just enjoy the state we're in. And I am. I also look forward to her enjoying all the yummy food I make for her!

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