Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Violet is 15 Months!


I can't believe it, but Baby Violet is now 15 months young. She is a full-fledged toddler, and she's into everything. She never stops moving, and she is curious and fearless. She loves to eat food - she is willing to try anything. She wants to be just like her big sisters - so much so that she is always pushing Ginger out of the way when she wants something. She wants to sit in Ginger's carseat. She wants Ginger's food. I have taken to sitting Ginger on the counter sometimes when we eat just so Ginger can eat in peace. Haha.

I put away the highchair today because Violet only wants to sit at the big table - and if you put her in her highchair, she will climb out. She loves to make noise and will take all the pots and pans out of the cabinets and bang them. She loves to yell at the top of her lungs. She loves playing piano, and she loves music.

Violet is talking quite a bit now. Her favorite syllable is still "B" - so a lot of things sound like "Boo!" She can say: Daddy, Daisy, Doggie, Mama, Mommy, Stay, Place, Yes, No, Please, Ball, Bath, Baby, Teeth, Ta-Da, Weeeeee, Meeeee!...and a bunch of other words I'm forgetting. :-) She shakes her head yes or no if you ask her a question, which is quite helpful, really.


Violet loves her family - especially her big sisters.  She loves adventure. She loves her baths. Loves being outside. Loves going to the park. Loves riding in the stroller because it's a fun ride.  She is always smiling...always laughing. The only thing she does NOT like is being far from me. As long as her mommy is near, Violet is a happy girl. She is still carried everywhere in the Ergo (on my front) - and she is still nursing all the time. I am still carrying Ginger (age 3) on my back (all 37 pounds of her) - and Violet on my front (all 26 pounds of her!) - together that's 63 pounds I"m hauling all over town. But I really don't mind it one bit - Ginger is really active, and when she's on the loose in the wild, that's even trickier to manage. At least when I'm carrying her, I know where she is. Haha.

Little Miss Violet adds so much excitement to our lives and she is an amazing, incredible person. I feel so lucky to know Violet and to help guide her as she grows. It is a privilege being her parent - and not a moment goes by when I'm not ocmpletely thankful to be in her life and to have her in ours.


Lauren said...

Such a little sweetie! <3

blondemom3boys said...

I could just eat her up like a cupcake!! ;) She's growing up!

Mimi said...

She's a little doll!
God I can't believe she's 15 months, where did that time go, it seems only yesterday she was Pavenzia!
You're amazing, carrying 73 pounds of girls!

Mimi said...

p.s. and wonderful that Violet still nurses, what a wonderful gift for you both.