Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day In The Life!


A lot of times lately, I'm capturing photos on my phone - maybe I'm getting lazy, maybe I'm busier...or maybe I've been lured in by the siren song of Instagram.  Haha. 

Anyhoo- I thought it would be fun to do a little "day in the life" post - I just decided to do it right now, so these photos are all pulled from my phone (from various days).  It's not EVERYTHING we do in an average weekday (obviously) - just a few highlights.  Here goes!

First thing is up, breakfast, get ready for school.  We all pile in the van and take Paprika to kindergarten - but first a little pose in front of our hedge:


While Paprika's at school - we play in the backyard, spend time with Daisy (who will be 2 next month!) - eat lunch, clean up, play with toys...and in general, try to control the mayhem.  Haha.


Violet having lunch (she refuses to sit in the highchair - so it's at the table for her now):


I generally make some juice.  Since Mr. M is back working long days (and nights) at DWTS, I have been juicing more for energy - for him and for me!  :-)


Ginger loves ice.  She loves making ice packs, and will say this or that is sore just so she can make an ice pack.  Haha.

I'm not really doing any formal schooling with Ginger at this point (she's 3) - but we do lots of learning things just naturally.  Like on this day, we were adding the ice cubes, subtracting them, and we even did a few division math problems with ice.   


More Daisy.  On this day (about a minute after this photo was taken), I turned my back for four seconds, and Ginger and Violet had somehow covered her in mud- and Daisy ran through the house and everything got filthy.  Totally filthy and muddy.  It was a scene!  (I did not take an after pic - should have!)


Another sign Violet is growing up - she's wearing real shoes now!  She stands by the backdoor and tries to put her shoes on before going in the backyard to play.  She loves her shoes - they make her feel so grown up.  :-)  Then she runs through the backyard so very fast!


School pick-up.  This is us (today!) waiting to get Paprika from school.  Ginger was actually in a great mood - but she doesn't like it when other people take her picture (just me).  So, she refused to smile.

I took this picture because I know this season of the "double Ergo" is coming to a close - and honestly, I will miss it.  Ginger loves riding on my back - and I love it, too.  Plus, it keeps her from getting trampled in the crowd of elementary kids running out of school!  I love Violet peeking out from her hood - the hood she insisted be on her head.  Because she's into fashion like that.  ;-)


This is us (also today) after we picked up Paprika - on our walk back to the van.  Again, Ginger was not happy someone else was taking her picture.  Haha.  Isn't this just real life?  :-)


The big girls play dress-up and ballet and do arts and craft projects after school while Violet has her nap. Paprika got this dress from Mimi and PopPop when she was two years old - and it's still her favorite - and it still fits! A little shorter, though! ;-)


Raiding daddy's closet for dress-up inspiration.  Paprika wanted to dress up like a clown, and this is what she chose.  Haha!  (This was last night while Mr. M edited the Recap Special of DWTS):


Ginger loves to pick out her own outfits now - and this is just one example of her style.  I am very glad she is wearing clothes now (unlike a short year ago when she refused to wear anything) - so I say, the more clothes...the better!  ;-)


Mr. M finished working on Top Gear (the car show) last week - and Paprika felt inspired to dress from head to toe in TG attire.  Daddy's girl...


Bedtime involves a lot of reading.  Paprika and Ginger both love books.  When I asked Paprika to pick out a few books to read before bedtime - this is what she chose. Haha!  Usually, I have Paprika read to Ginger at bedtime - and then I read them all a few stories if Violet is cooperative.  :-) 


Then, it's time for me to get Violet to bed - which involves me rocking her in the Ergo for an hour at least, listening to Celtic Woman on repeat.  :-)  It's a season - one that is moving so fast- so that's my day in the life (mostly) for right now...

The End.


Blondemom3boys said...

Love these pics... some I recognize, but others were a neat surprise peek! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

EC said...

Did you change your URL? I haven't seen any new posts and thought something might have changed.

Erika said...

yes! my url is now: www.urthmama.com OR you can go to urthmama.blogspot.com

I lost my old url - long story - but basically I forgot to update my payment info - and then someone bought it out from under me and now wants to charge me thousands of dollars to buy it back - and I was like...ummmmmm....NO! LOL.

so- yea, just try: urthmama.blogspot.com or urthmama.com :-)