Monday, March 25, 2013

Girls' Weekend!


Mr. M is back working at DWTS - so that means that he is working every weekend.  Since the show airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, the weekends are some of their busiest times getting ready.  It's a little surreal to me for most everyone else to have their weekends "off" and for me, they are just regular days - except of course that there is no school! 

So - I kinda feel off-kilter for a few weeks when DWTS starts up, just getting used to the schedule being thrown.

But, I am finding that with three little ones, the schedule is always kinda getting thrown...if you know what I mean!  Ha!


Even so, we kept ourselves well entertained and busy.  Paprika had a birthday party to attend on Saturday - surprise, surprise! Ha!  I thought it was another day, and then last minute realized that I had the day wrong.  Oops!  But it all worked out in time.

Ginger went over to Paula's house for most of the party, since just Paprika was invited to the party.  Ginger had the best time - they made frosted cupcakes (with sprinkles!) and Paula read Ginger all her great children's books.  Ginger had the time of her life and was so sad to go pick up Paprika at the party.  Haha! 

The party was nearby at an aerial gymnastics studio (think Cirque du Soleil).  They had lots of activities for the kids, including trapezes and flying using silks.  Paprika is afraid of heights (truly) - so she was pretty apprehensive about all that.  But she did have fun with all the games they played on the ground (which was most of the party). 

This is the little card that Paprika made all on her very own for the birthday girl:


And the inside:


The girls played in the backyard a lot this weekend and brought me flowers every two seconds.  Many of the flowers were dandelions - haha.  But they were so beautiful just the same.  This was my Friday afternoon bouquet - by today (Sunday), the cup was filled with flowers.  I just keep adding to the floral arrangement.  Can any florist top this?  I don't think so! ;-)


Lunchtime Quesadillas (note Violet still in her pajamas - that's how we roll on these lazy Sundays):



After weeks of rearranging things in the "guest bedroom" - we now have a little "office" for Paprika.  My quiet, thoughtful, introverted artist needs some space of her own - so we set aside this corner for her when she needs a place to think and create.  This is especially true for homework - she had been doing that at the dining room table, and that was NOT working with the three ring circus going on around her (Ginger, Violet and Daisy!)  ;-)

The painting on the left is by my mom (present to Paprika when she was 2) - and the painting on the table is by my brother, Robbie, when he was 6 or so.  We are working on a better desk...but so far we haven't found the right one, and we had this table in the garage and works great!


Paprika spent a few hours this morning making a little bag of gifts for Riley.  She wrote her a book, made a bookmark, and a few other surprises.  Here is the little letter she wrote - I had to take a photo of it :


Today (Sunday), I took the girls to the park for a little fresh air and change of scenery.  Plus, I had just cleaned my whole house and I wanted it to stay clean for more than ten minutes...which doesn't happen when we are home.  Ha!


I love catching these two having their moments together.  So much love:


Ginger has really stepped up to be a big sister to Violet - she loves pushing her on the swings, and I can't help but think it was just a blink ago that Paprika was pushing a baby Ginger on the swings:


We stayed until sunset.  It was too pretty to leave!


Ginger insisted on wearing her ballet outfit and shoes to the park.  She loves her fashion and knows just what she wants to wear.  Paprika thought Ginger looked so cute, so she took a photo of her with her camera.  So, I had to take a photo of Paprika taking a photo.

My photo:


Paprika's photo:


Hanging out in bed:


And, last but not least...Goodnight!


The End!

Ni Hao Yall


Tina Michelle said...

you are so sweet. I love how I can feel your joy for your kids through your words. What a great little artist.

Mimi said...

That last photo is so gorgeous! The deep slumber of children always amazes do we lose it then as adults?
In all your photos of the girls, they are so loving towards each other; you've done a great job of teaching them love, and looking after each other.
Quaesadillas are popular in our house too!