Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Star Gazin'!


On Saturday night, we were just kinda sitting around...wondering what to do and we thought, "Hey, let's get in the car and go to the Observatory!"  It's been awhile since we visited, and the fact that it was 8pm and we have three tiny kids was not going to stop us.  Especially since those kids regularly stay up until well-past midnight. ;-)

So - we made the pilgrimage.  Ginger fell asleep in the car, so I carried her around in the Ergo until she woke up. 


She did wake up (of course!) - and the girls had a great time exploring.


Most of the exhibits pretty much look like I took a lot of pictures of the girls looking into binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, and the like.  ;-)


See what I mean?


The observatory was open until 10pm, and we stayed until they kicked us out!


It was just us and a bunch of twenty-something Silverlake hipsters, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, talking philosophy and Rebel Without A Cause.  ;-)


At one point we got to see the giant Tesla coil in action - Ginger did NOT like that one bit.  She said:  The lightning was too frightening for her - and next time we came to the Planetarium, could we please just drop her at Paula's house instead.  ;-)

We distracted her with some more exhibits and she seemed to recover okay. 



Paprika is crazy about science - she wants to come back every Saturday from now on.  It was hard getting her to leave.  She would have rolled out her sleeping back if they'd let her.  She went to every exhibit and studied it, and then went back again to see if she missed anything...


The best part of the night was actually standing out on the veranda and gazing down at the "stars" of Los Angeles.  It is a pretty spectacular sight to see.  Paprika kept pointing down and saying:  Hey, there's our house.  Do you see it?


Oh yes, sweetheart.  It's right THERE!  ;-)

The End.

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Blondemom3boys said...

Love your little stars! ;)