Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crazy Adventures In The Middle Of The Night!


Today is Tuesday, which for me is the start of our weekend because of Mr. M's schedule on DWTS.  Except, if I talk about how excited I am that it's Tuesday Night...(not Friday night)...people look at me a little funny.  ;-)

So, our "weekends" (Wednesdays and Thursdays) are pretty packed usually - okay, always.  We inevitably try to fit in a gazillion park trips, errands, something cultural, plus all the regular stuff like Paprika's school, homework, and swim team. 

These pictures are all from last "weekend" (Wednesday/Thursday).  I guess I am a little behind!  Haha.

One of our favorite playtime rituals is to turn the music up and dance before bedtime. The girls love playing dress-up ballet in the living room and dancing to the music on the keyboard.  We have our own little dance studio happening now.  ;-)

I love watching the girls dance, and sometimes I can be persuaded to dance, too...just not in a pink leotard!  Hahahaha.


Playing at the park with Daddy.  Their favorite games to play with him are Wicked King and Hide and Go Seek.  Anything that gets them all running a lot is pretty awesome to get their energy out - but let's be serious...with my girls, nothing tires them out.  Nothing!


We squeezed in a trip to the library...even though it was really so that I could go talk to the librarian about the books we can't find.  I could have SWORN I turned them in on time...but you know how that goes.  ;-)  This is one reason I try to avoid checking out books (I know that sounds horrible) - but at this stage, my little swiper Violet is apt to lose a book or destroy it instead of READ it.  Ha!


Whenever I pick up Ginger, baby Violet practically LEAPS into my arms.  We were dancing around the kitchen when Mr. M reminded me that we had promised Paprika we'd go to the Griffith Park Obeservatory...at 8 PM...on a school night.   I'm like:  Are you serious?! 


So, we did!  We went back to the Griffith Park Observatory again (second week in a row).  Paprika really really wanted to go (she keeps saying it's her favorite place on Earth).  The Observatory is open until 10pm, so we got in the van and made the trek.

The girls were so excited.  Because it was a weeknight, we practically had the whole place to ourselves this time.













We stayed until the Observatory closed!  Eeek!  Then we got home and remembered that Paprika hadn't done her homework yet (due the next day).  So at midnight, I was up with Paprika doing her homework.  Parents of the YEAR, I tell ya! ;-)

But I would like to think that our girls remember these crazy adventures we have - and that it's more important to sometimes be spontaneous, throw caution to the wind, and live life a little less ordinary.  I don't ever regret the times we get out of the house - sometimes it seems like those are the BEST times because I'm able to be completely present.

I mean, I am also present at home - but when we go to the park, or out on a little Field Trip - I am reminded to be WITH my kids - and not worry about the dishes that need to be done, or getting everyone bathed, clothed, fed, etc. 

I know it's a balance, and I am constantly dancing that dance - and hopefully learning the moves as I go!  :-)

The End!


Lil Light O Mine said...

this is great. what beautiful memories you are creating for your precious family!

Mimi said...

Living life spontaneously is great, and it's good to do it while your girls are little. I found that as they get bigger, each year brings more schedule, more activities, and more independence on their part. And that leaves less room for spontaneity.
We still talk about a little trip we had the last day of the summer holidays, must be 12 yrs ago, we were at our local beach and on the spur of the moment we headed to a seaside town 2 hrs away, no luggage, booked into a local hotel and bought toiletries! We had a fab 2 days/1 night! fun!