Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seuss Day!


Saturday was Dr. Seuss' 109th Birthday!  I know this because last week was "National Reading Week" or something or other at Paprika's school, and they celebrated by reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books.  We have quite the Seuss collection since I bought that library on Ebay last year...

Anyhoo...Paprika was excited to wear her Cat In The Hat hairbows.  That pic above was taken on my cellphone - and was not edited (photoshopped or whatnot) at all.  I am so impressed by cellphones these days (Geez- that made me sound old!  Haha).

We spent the day at our local little park.  We had a teenage boy take a family photo of us - I think he did a pretty great job!:


Ginger wanted to wear ponytails and hairbows, but five minutes after we got to the park, she ripped them out and said they made her head feel scratchy.  But it was cute while it lasted!  :-)


Baby Violet on the swings:


Me and my funny bunny - in a rare moment where she sat still!  :-)


Best sister friends on the slide:


These two are always hugging.  I love it! 


The End!


blondemom3boys said...

Whew! I would miss this blog!!

Regine Karpel said...

Such a great photo!

Mimi said...

aw, sweet! Sisters are wonderful!

Tina Michelle said...

Your family is so adorable! Love the girls' names. Love sisterly love.