Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soccer and Snow!

Had a beautiful time at the park today. We've recently discovered that Paprika LOVES playing soccer. She can do it for hours. She loves running, kicking the ball, and can't stop laughing and exclaiming with joy the whole time she's playing. Who knew a soccer ball could bring so much fun into our lives?

Here are a few out-takes from today's park romp:

While at the park, we discovered a small patch of SNOW! It was brought down from the mountains last weekend so the kids could sled (in 70 degree weather). We're guessing it was brought down on Saturday, and this is what was left of it today (Tuesday). Paprika was mesmerized by it- and couldn't stop looking at her feet the whole time she walked on it! It's not everyday that you see snow in our neck of the woods, so she made sure to really study it while she had the chance!

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