Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Updates

I'm blogging from my laptop up in bed, and don't have access to pictures from this computer, so this will be a photo-free day. The reason I'm up here blogging instead of downstairs is because the past 24 hours have hit me hard with some physical pain, and so I'm resting up (or at least trying to).

Yesterday it was intense abdominal cramping, and today it's severe back, neck and shoulder pain. I wish I could go see my Grandpa to sort out my neck and back pain - he's the world's greatest chiropractor and lives in Indianapolis. I think I must have a slipped disc or a pinched nerve or something! The abdominal pain has thankfully subsided...very thankfully.

Anyway, here are a few updates:

1) My new book: I met up with Jessica, my co-author, over the weekend and got some review copies of our book to send out. Have I mentioned how GREAT it turned out?! I am really really impressed with it. It's really exceeded my expectations, and I am just thrilled with it. The publisher has been great to work with, and overall, I'm just so pleased. I'm so proud to have my name on it.

2)The new baby: Things are plodding along. I set up my next ultrasound for February and we'll be seeing a perinatologist instead of our regular OB. It will be our 6th ultrasound for this pregnancy. We've had ultrasounds at weeks: 6, 9, 12, 14, and 17 so far.

This will be my first visit with the perinatologist (peri) this pregnancy. A perinatologist is basically a doctor who specializes in high risk pregnancies. Understandably, I am having a lot of anxiety about it. It was at the peri's office that we found out our twins had passed away in utero, so trips to the peri aren't my favorite activity. To remedy this, we've found a new peri- because, even though it wasn't his fault, I really never want to step into his office and relive that scenario all over again. So, we're off to see the new peri in February, and I'm working on my anxiety about it.

3) Our new toy: I finally ordered a doppler, which is a device you can use at home to listen to the baby's heartbeat. I have never had one before in any of my previous pregnancies, but I decided to get one this time and we are loving it. Anytime I start to wonder, "is the baby's heart still beating?" - I listen with the doppler. I've only had to use it a few times, but those few times it really paid for itself!

I think that's it for now.

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