Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Park Smiles!

These were all taken yesterday at our favorite park. We try to go once a day for a few hours. Paprika loves running, and she knows the park like the back of her hand. It's like our own personal backyard, except we don't have to pay any fees for groundskeepers and maintenance!

The is the tube slide on the "Baby" play structure. Paprika isn't too fond of this structure because it's for "babies" (ages 2-5), and according to her, she's not a "baby." But she still plays on it sometimes anyway. :-)

This is one of the slides on the big kid playstructure (ages 5-10). She likes to climb UP the slide, then slide back down. Going up is at least half the fun!

Her favorite slide of all, the spiral slide!

What's so funny?

At the bottom of the little slide!

We are so grateful we have this park near our home. It's our home away from home, and we have lots of fun on the playground, playing tag in the forest, exploring the trails, hanging out in the rose garden, and of course, visiting the Tin Man! Whenever we think about moving to a new neighborhood, we think about losing our park, and how hard that would be. So, I think we're staying put for awhile!

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