Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Explorer

Paprika I went to the park yesterday and today, and both days she was completely uninterested in the playground. Instead, she wanted to explore the woods around the park, take in the war memorial, and spend lots of time checking out the bathrooms! Even though the park was teeming with toddlers, and yesterday Elizabeth and Isabella went to the park with us, Paprika had her own agenda. Yesterday she kept taking off, and at one point I got a little frustrated, so I said, "Okay, Paprika. See you later. Bye, bye," and I started walking away. She yelled after me, "Bye bye, Mama!" and walked off in the opposite direction. I guess reverse psychology doesn't work on her!

Today she was fascinated with the men's room and all she wanted to do was touch the men's urinals! It was a gorgeous day, but she wanted to go inside the men's restroom at the park (there aren't any doors to the restroom), and touch the urinals. I tried everything to get her to stay away, but she would have a big meltdown whenever I took her elsewhere, and would just keep running back to the bathroom! Hopefully she got it out of her system. I don't know if we can keep going to that park if all she's going to do while we're there is explore the men's room!

When I finally got her to leave the restroom, she went over to the war memorial and had a wonderful time exploring every inch of it. She was particularly fascinated with the "tin man" (like the Wizard of Oz). She gave him a kiss on his forehead, which was pretty sweet! She also pointed out his hands, hair, eyes, ears, nose, and his shoes!

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