Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Hat On Her Head!

Paprika puts anything and everything on her head and calls it a hat. Her favorite is this green bag that she calls both "purse" and "hat"- very multipurpose! When Paprika is done wearing her hat, she'll give it to me or Mr. Mustard and we have to wear it. It's pretty funny.

Paprika is still under the weather. She's feeling better than she was over the weekend, but still is not well enough to do any of our usual fun outings, like going to the park or the indoor playground. Today we "drove" her convertible car around the neighborhood twice just because she had to get out of the house. We were quite a sight- she had her blanket tucked around her in the car, her sippy cup of water in one hand, and her little purse in the other hand. It was good to get outdoors with her and hopefully she'll be well enough in the next few days to go on a real adventure back to the park!

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