Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day!

Over the past few days, Paprika has started saying the most wonderful sentence. She says, "I love you soooo much!" Sometimes she forgets a word or two and it comes out, "I love much!" or "I love so much!" or just "Love Much!" It's a pretty incredible feeling no matter how she says it. Even if she is just imitating what I say to her a million times a day, I don't care. It's still wonderful.

Paprika is also VERY interested in climbing, and fitting herself into any and every nook she can find in our house. You can see that she really enjoys crawling into the kitchen cupboards!

Paprika is pretty girly. She loves rummaging through my purse, putting on chapstick or lipstick, combing her hair, and wearing my shoes. She likes to use my make-up brushes to put make-up on herself, me, her Pooh, Daddy, and anyone else she can find. She will walk up to you with a make-up brush and say "Make-up? Make-up?" before she attacks you with the brush. She has recently discovered Disney Princesses and now everytime she sees something with a Disney Princess on it, she exclaims "Princess! Princess! Princess!" It sort of sounds like Printhess, but we both know what she's saying. We have the Disney Princess Sing-Along DVD, which has a few of the songs from Disney movies, and watching it is Paprika's very favorite thing to do- she will sit mesmerized by it and hum the songs.

She has also started singing "Old MacDonald's Farm." The song usually sounds like this "Lalalalalala...sheep...baa...eieio. Lalalalala...puppy...woof...eieio." She loves singing and dancing, and will twirl herself around the living room until she's dizzy.

Today we went to the park, and again she wanted to explore the men's bathroom. She also wanted to run up to the man mowing the lawn and figure out how the lawnmower worked. She is very independent and loves to run off in her own direction. There really is no containing her, or coercing her to do anything that she doesn't want to do. That, too, sounds familiar! :-)

We measured Paprika last night and she's now 32 inches and about 28 or 29 pounds. She's grown about an inch in the past two months. There was another little girl at the park today Paprika's age, and Paprika was so much taller than her- in all honesty, Paprika looked like a giant next to her! I'm curious to see where Paprika is on the growth curve when we go in for her next check-up.

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