Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally Better!

Whew! Well, after 8 full days of being sick, Paprika finally seems to be feeling better! I was wondering when she'd ever start feeling better. It was truly the most miserable she's ever been, and I'm so glad it's done! She still has a lingering cough, but no fever and she's finally eating solid food. All last week, she barely ate anything and was just miserable. She was sick of being sick, and I was sick of her being sick!

This morning was the first morning in a week that she woke up without crying. Every other morning, she woke up screaming. She was laying in bed this morning talking to her stuffed animals when I heard her on the baby monitor. She was so happy to get up and ate half a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. That made me so happy.

It was really hard last week being alone with her while Mr. Mustard was in Santa Barbara working. It's hard enough to take care of a well baby, but a sick baby is just a lot to handle alone. I am so grateful that she's back to her old self and is back to being Miss Chatterbox Busybody again. I have my old Paprika back, thankfully!

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