Monday, January 28, 2008

A Perfect Day!

Well, it rained so hard today- but nevertheless, we've had a wonderful day. Mr. Mustard was off from work, which made it a great day. He has been working non-stop and has not had any time off lately, so we were just so glad to see him.

Paprika let us sleep in late- she's a very late riser, which is pretty wonderful. After we had breakfast, we went to the Norton Simon Art Museum and spent the afternoon looking at art. Paprika kept pointing to the paintings and identifying all the words she knew. Apples in the still lifes. Dogs (or "puppies" as she calls them) in the paintings depicting hunting adventures. And babies in most of the other paintings- especially those of a cherubic baby Jesus. It was really cute!

She liked looking at the Asian sculpture the most of all. The sculptures of Indian gods and goddesses really got her attention- and she was identifying the elephants, cows, and other animals she saw in them. She was really mesmerized by that portion of the museum.

She was in her stroller for the whole trip, as we were a bit worried she might try to put her own mark on the art if we let her roam free. Because she is not a huge fan of the stroller (she craves freedom), we managed to get through the museum by walking at a very fast clip. Other museum-goers must have thought we were speedwalking. As soon as we'd stop to look at a work of art, Paprika would try to climb out of her stroller, so we just kept moving. It was actually really enjoyable, and kind of like mall-walking but with much better scenery!

Next we went to Pottery Barn Kids- Paprika's favorite rainy day play store. She played with the toy kitchens there, vacuumed the store with their toy vacuum, and had a nice conversation with herself on their toy phone. So much fun and a change of pace from her toys at home!

Then we came home, put Paprika down for a nap and Mr. Mustard went to Lucky Boy to pick up some dinner. Yum! We haven't eaten there since the summer. We split a chicken sandwich and fries and it was so tasty. We're catching up on Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, so we watched that for awhile and then took a nap. Paprika woke up a little while later, and we've been entertaining her and playing with her ever since.

Such a good day! Even with the rain!

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