Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Indoor Playground Day

It was raining all day today, so I took Paprika to the indoor playground. We haven't been there since October- the last time we were there, she got really sick, and that set off the chain reaction of many winter colds. But she HAD to get out of the house today, so we went back and I made sure to wash her hands thoroughly every 1/2 hour while we were there. We had a fantastic time jumping in the bouncy, playing in the life-sized dollhouse and racing in the toy cars.

Paprika's sleep schedule continues to be very off- she is set on going to sleep at 2am every night and waking up at 1pm. If I wake her up sooner in the "morning", it doesn't alter her bedtime at night (she can stay up indefinitely, it seems), so I've just been letting her sleep in as late as she wants.

Mr. Mustard's next job is in Santa Barbara, and we may also be dealing with a whole new set of sleeping obstacles- namely getting Paprika to sleep in a new place. We are still thinking about whether or not we will put ourselves through that- our travels with Paprika have been quite rough sleep-wise in the past. Mr. Mustard may work up in SB and just come down to see us on the weekends, or we could go up to see him. It'll probably be a mixture of things- who knows! It seems like when we finally get everything figured out, it all changes. ;-)

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