Monday, January 7, 2008

Fun With Mommy's Beauty Products!

One of Paprika's favorite things to do is rummage through my box of beauty products in the bathroom. It's a box of stuff I never use- and Paprika can spend an hour sorting through it all. I sit there with her while she sorts, so I know that she's not going to get in any trouble while she's exploring. We have such a fun time together looking through this box- and sometimes Paprika will even climb inside the box. She thinks that is the most fun of all.

Our schedules are embarrassingly shifted now. I just put Paprika to bed at 2am, and last night I did not fall asleep until 7am. Mr. Mustard's working nights has us all up, and it's actually been quite nice to all be on the same schedule. After this week, he is on a day schedule for a week- so at that point, I will start waking Paprika up early (by 8 am) and have us all back on a day schedule. Then Mr. Mustard will go back to a night shift after that, and Paprika and I will stay on a "day schedule" so that we can interact with the outside world- and Mr. Mustard will stay on his night schedule and see Paprika and I in the afternoons when he wakes up. Paprika seems to be as much of a night owl as any of us, and would be happy to stay up all night! But, I have things to do during the day (like take Paprika to playdates with my friend Elizabeth) and for some reason, no one else with babies wants to meet up to play at 11pm! So we will be shifting shortly back to a more normal schedule.

Paprika is growing very quickly! Mr. Mustard measured her on 12/31 and she is now 31 1/4 inches tall- which is two inches taller than she was when we measured her on 9/21 (when she was 29 1/4 inches). She is staying about the same weight- she is consistently about 27 or 27.5 pounds on our home scale. She is so incredibly active that I know she's just burning off all the calories she consumes. I, of course, constantly worry that she's not eating enough! But she eats on the go- and likes to walk around the house holding onto a banana and occasionally taking a bite or two in between activities like reading books or playing with her stuffed animals and dolls.

Paprika is using her vocabulary to really communicate what she wants. She puts together sentences easily, and definitely has an opinion about what she wants to do or not do! She also has a very keen sense of humor and is always laughing or trying to make us laugh. It's a joy.

She's very easy to put to bed when she wants to go to bed. Last night I was laying her down to sleep, and she kissed her doll on the forehead and said "goodnight, baby" and then touched my forehead and said "goodnight, mama" before rolling over and falling asleep. It's moments like that where I just am in awe of how much I love Paprika.

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