Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Day At The Park!

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the park. It was a gorgeous day- a splendid break from the rain we've been having- and we took the opportunity to go to the park and play. Paprika loved it, of course!

Tomorrow our new bed is arriving! We ordered it about a week ago- we've had our eye on it for about a year and have been scouring Craigslist looking for it, to no avail. We finally decided that no one sells an Eastern King bed frame on Craigslist in Los Angeles (at least no bed frame we'd be interested in buying). So, we took the plunge and bought it retail. They are delivering it tomorrow between 10 am and noon, which for us is like delivering it in the middle of the night, since none of us (Paprika included) wakes up before 2pm now. So, it should be interesting, and I wonder what the delivery guys are going to think of us when we stumble downstairs to answer the door sleepy-eyed mid-afternoon!

Today it was raining, so we spent the day at Pottery Barn Kids, letting Paprika play with all of the toys in the store. We opted against taking her to the indoor playground, since she gets sick everytime she goes there and we figured it would be packed on a rainy day like today. Pottery Barn Kids is better because there was no one there (the perks of a slow January retail season), and there are so many wonderfully displayed toys for Paprika's age-group! So we all went and spent an hour and a half watching her play with the kitchen set, run the play vacuum, put together the wooden puzzles, and play with their well-stocked dollhouse. Lots of fun!

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