Saturday, January 19, 2008

Paprika Says Uncle Robbie!

We were scrolling through pictures on the computer the other day and Paprika pointed to a picture of my brother and said, "That's Robbie!" It was very clear, and I was so surprised because she wasn't prompted at all. It's been almost a month since we were in Indiana for Christmas, and yet she remembered exactly who Robbie was and said his name so clearly.

We have been having the most gorgeous days lately- 70s and sunny- so every day has been a park day! Mr. Mustard has been putting in very long hours on Dance War, so it's just been Paprika and me at the park. We went today, Saturday, and had the best time. I ended up chatting with two moms of toddlers and found out about a great mommy & me toddler class that meets near us.

Paprika has the best time at the park going down the slides and playing on the equipment, but lately her favorite thing to do is dig in the woodchips and then walk around with her bucket and offer the chips to other kids at the park. She loves sharing, and wants to give whatever she has to other kids on the playground.

In the past few days, she has become obsessed with bicycles and tricycles and desperately wants to ride one. She's too little, but it doesn't stop her from climbing on other kids' tricycles when they're not looking and trying to take off with their bikes! Her feet don't reach the pedals yet, so I end up pushing her a little bit before she lets me take her off the bike. I guess I should add researching tricyles to my list of things to do!

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