Friday, January 4, 2008

My Little Night Owl

Oh, Paprika! See this tired baby in the photo? That was taken at the Christmas tree lot in Indiana two days before Christmas. I thought things would get better when we got back, but she's sticking to her late schedule. I am sorry to report that Paprika has been keeping me up late nights since we got back from Indiana. She is sleeping long stretches, but won't go to bed at a decent hour yet. Last night I couldn't get her in bed til after midnight. Today I skipped her nap (normally she takes a two to three hour nap during the day) in the hopes that she would go to sleep earlier tonight. That failed miserably and she didn't get to bed tonight until 12:15pm and was tired and cranky. Phew.

On a side note, we had a lovely afternoon today at our favorite, favorite park. It was gorgeous weather- and I forgot my camera, unfortunately. We ran into some old acquaintances there (the wife of one of Mr. Mustard's old co-workers who has a thirteen month old son)- and possibly kindled a friendship. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was so glad that we all went. Now that Mr. Mustard is working nights, we get to have time together as a family in the afternoons, which is really nice. The park was bursting with babies and dogs- and Paprika had a great time running around petting all the "puppies" (as she calls them).

Mr. Mustard is working on Dance War, which starts airing next week. The airdate for the Oprah show "The Big Give" has moved to March- so even though he worked on that for much of last year, it won't be airing til late spring. After Dance War, he will be on Big Brother, which is another night job. I am really a night owl, so these late nights don't bother me too much. But for Paprika's sake, I have to get her to bed earlier. We'll get it all figured out eventually, I suppose!

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