Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Social Butterfly

Paprika and I have met so many people in the past few days just from walking around the neighborhood. There are lots of moms and babies near us! We met a really nice mom and her 10 month old son who live up the street from us, and they invited us to the park yesterday and to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Friday. We also met our neighbor across the street, who has an 8 month old daughter. Then today I met up with a mom's group at the local park, and Paprika got to interact with a bunch of babies her age! It was a lot of fun, and now she's so tuckered out she's taking a nap!

There are so many wonderful things for moms and babies in Pasadena- it's really wonderful! We are getting out and about- and our social calendar is already full. We are having a lot of fun, and it's so nice connecting with other moms. It's like finally getting to breathe fresh air- things are so much better up here for us.

We're slowly unpacking still--there are so many boxes to go through yet, and I'm not in a huge rush to unpack. I try to do one big thing a day, and I figure eventually it will all be unpacked and organized. :-)

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