Sunday, April 15, 2007

Library Story Time

We've been keeping very busy lately. Paprika and I went to Story Time at the Library on Thursday. There were lots of other babies and little kids there, and Paprika got to hear a few really nice stories. Afterwards I took her to the park and she played on the swings. She loves swinging in the baby swings.

Our park that is within walking distance has two great baby swings, that are shaded by a big leafy tree. I have been taking her to the park at least once a day to go on the swings. She absolutely loves it! I usually try to take her in the morning, but she falls asleep on the way, so I end up coming home and laying her down for a nap. Then, we try again in the late afternoon and she can usually make it all the way to the park without falling asleep. The park is great and she will have even more fun there once she's running around, since it has great slides and places to climb.

We had a huge wind storm last week that knocked over my potted plant. Luckily, there is a wonderful gardening store about two blocks from us. It is a fantastic place, and I went there and bought some potting soil to repot it. Hopefully once things calm down, I can get going on doing some planting on our patio.

I also bought Paprika her highchair last week. So, now she can sit at the table with us while we eat! It's a great chair- it grows with her all the way to adulthood! Mr. Mustard's mom has been staying with us this weekend, and that has been really nice and helpful. We've been able to get a lot of things set up while she's been here. For example, yesterday, Mr. Mustard and I bought a mattress for the guest bedroom. So, now we can easily have guests come to stay with us!

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