Sunday, April 1, 2007

7 1/2 Months

Paprika's two top teeth are starting to poke through. Her favorite thing to say is "mama" still, although sometimes she calls me "meemee." I think that's because I call myself "mommy" around her, so she hears and says mama and meemee interchangeably for me. She calls Mr. Mustard "Ba!" for dad.

She is able to crawl across the floor on her stomach, but doesn't quite get her tummy off the floor yet. She loves to touch everything, but does so very carefully by placing her index finger out and lightly touching it. Her favorite thing to touch right now is Mr. Mustard's nose! She is so careful and delicate when she touches things, it's really adorable.

She loves playing with balloons and gets really excited when she sees one. She saw a bunch of balloons at the grocery store last week and got so excited and started saying "babababa" for balloon. So, I bought a pretty sparkly one for her to bring home. I realized once we got home that it said "Happy Birthday Princess!" Ooops! Well, she doesn't mind and still likes to play with it anyway.

She is sleeping really well and basically tells us when she's ready to go to bed- usually around 9 o'clock at night. She wakes up usually once per night around midnight (before I go to sleep) and then sleeps until 7:30. It's wonderful.

I weighed Paprika this morning and she is now 22 pounds of pure love. She is really strong and is able to stay on her stomach for hours at a time. She has started to try to pull up on the furniture and has no fear of anything yet!

I am switching over to cloth diapers now that we have our own washer and dryer. I got my first batch in the mail on Friday and they are great-so soft and cozy, and good for the environment, too!

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