Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! So relaxing and nice. On Friday, Paprika and I went to the Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbors. Paprika zeroed in on one egg and was fascinated by it. She wanted to examine it and chomp on it. She wore her new Easter dress given to her by Ann and got so many compliments. She looked beautiful in it! We met all of our new neighbors and they were all so welcoming. It was really great!

Yesterday we did some more setting up around the house, ate at Chipotle, and took Paprika for a walk up to our local park. She played on the swingset, and then Mr. Mustard took her for a few rides down the slide. It was her very first time on the slide and she loved it! Afterwards we went to the library, which is right inside the park, and we read her some stories from some baby books. She loves being read to, and she is so interested in looking at the pages and following along.

This morning the Easter Bunny left Paprika her very own Easter Basket! Paprika, surprisingly, was really interested in all of the goodies the Easter Bunny left for her. She got two Easter dresses, as well as some new pacifiers and some finger food treats. She was so excited to unpack the basket- it was really cute!

After she finished going through her Easter basket, we all went to church for Easter Sunday. Paprika has discovered her voice, and she is really vocal. She wanted to talk, talk, talk for the whole sermon and loudly, too! We were up in the balcony, so she wasn't too distracting for everyone else, luckily. Then we came home and decided to have a day of fun together as a family. We went to TGI Friday's and had a late lunch, and then went to SpeedZone, which is a go-cart racing/mini-golf/video game arcade. We played a round of mini golf, while I had Paprika strapped in the Ergo. Mr. Mustard and I tied (he graciously gave me a one point handicap per round, since I was carrying Paprika).

A good day was had by all! It was nice to relax a little bit this weekend, since the past month has been consumed with packing and moving. We still have so much to do, but it was really nice to take a break for once.

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