Monday, February 26, 2007

Sitting Up All By Herself!

Paprika can now sit up all by herself and play for long periods of time. She's been working up to this for awhile. At first she sat for a couple of seconds before teetering over. Last Wednesday, she sat up by herself for a little while but she was still a bit shaky. Well, look at her now. She can sit up and play with her toys for as long as she likes- she's sitting very sturdily now.

We had a good weekend. Mr. Mustard worked both days, but did make it home in time for the Oscars last night. It was so fun to watch it, especially since Ellen was hosting. She is so upbeat and funny- she kept it light, which I like.

Paprika slept a lot this past weekend- I think it must have been a growth spurt. She now weighs over 21 pounds, which is just great, I think! I was concerned because she hadn't gained much in the past two months, but it's normal for growth to level off at this point..., and even so she's still gaining and growing. I guess I got spoiled with her gaining a pound a week in the beginning that now I expect that! :-)

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