Friday, February 23, 2007

Great Friday!

We had an exciting day today. Mr. Mustard's mom came down to visit for the day. We all went to the Mommy & Me class, and then came home and had lunch. I went out for a short shopping trip while Paprika spent some quality bonding time with her grandma. She took a long nap while I was gone, and was still sleeping when I got home! Luckily she woke up in time to say goodbye to grandma! Since she had such a nice nap today, Mr. Mustard and I are going to try to go out to dinner tonight with Paprika in tow. I think we'll bring her Bumbo seat to the restaurant. It helps her sit up on her own, and will hopefully keep her happy and occupied during dinner. Mr. Mustard has to work again this weekend, but hopefully he'll be home in time to watch the Oscars on Sunday! I don't know why I even care about the Oscars, it's not like I've even seen a movie in a year-between studying for the Bar and having a baby!

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