Friday, December 15, 2006

Tummy Time!

Paprika loves being on her tummy more than anything else. She is trying so hard to crawl, but she can't seem to coordinate everything at the same time. But, she has a lot of fun trying! I think if she could be on her stomach always, she would.

This week Paprika and I braved the mall on Tuesday. She did so much better in the car- she didn't cry at all the whole trip. I guess her fear of the car was just a part of the maturation process. She seems fine with it now, thank goodness!

We went on a stroll through the neighborhood on Wednesday. It was the first time we've used the stroller just to go for a walk, and I must say, it was pretty nice. Paprika seemed to like it okay, but she didn't like it quite as much as being snuggled up in the Baby Bjorn. We're still using the Bjorn for almost everything, but it was sort of novel to try out the stroller. All the nannies were out in force walking around the neighborhood. I find it strange how none of them will make eye contact with me! Huh. Oh well. I feel lucky that at this point we don't have to have a nanny- I know not everyone gets the opportunity to stay home and go for long walks with their babies, so I feel really lucky and blessed.

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