Monday, December 11, 2006

Alternative Auto Show

On Sunday, we all went to the Alternative Energy Auto Expo in Santa Monica. It featured all sorts of cars that run on alternative fuel- like electric cars, cars powered by natural gas, and biodiesel cars. It was really neat- and educational, too! Paprika liked it okay- but was not as excited as she was at the LA Auto Show. I think she liked the flashy lights at the mainstream auto show, and since the Alt Auto Show didn't have any of that, she wasn't as excited to be there!

Mr. Mustard put together Paprika's Exersaucer yesterday, which was quite a feat in itself! It was unbelievable how incredibly complicated it was to put that thing together. We put Paprika in it this morning, and fortunately, she loves it!

Yesterday we also went to look at another house to rent. I absolutely loved the house- but Mr. Mustard wasn't too hot on the neighborhood. After some thought, I agree. It's not in the best location, so I guess we'll keep looking.

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