Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mr. Mustard's Birthday!

Today is Mr. Mustard's Birthday- his "Golden Birthday" because today he is 31 years old on 12/31. I wish I could say that we've been having a fabulous day, but mostly it's been us just driving around in the car looking for a new place to live (renting). Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, when we drove around for 7 hours house hunting. Ugh. We've seen everything from Beverly Hills to the Valley and most parts in between, and it all is just okay at best.

After all this searching, we are considering moving back into our place in Pasadena. I don't know, we both need to think about it a bit before we make any rash decisions. Of course, yesterday, when we were at the apex of optimism about our housing search, we gave 30 days notice at our current apartment. So, now we have a 30 day ticking clock and nowhere yet to go. If we move back to Pasadena, we have to give our tenants 60 days, basically, we have a little timing problem!

We were supposed to go up to Santa Barbara today to celebrate Mr. Mustard's birthday, but that's not happening. Mr. Mustard goes back to work next week and we're not going to have much of a chance to house hunt after that, so the pressure is on for us to figure out something this week. Hmmmm.

I still haven't updated about all of our wonderful times in Indiana- I will do that soon. For now, I'm going to go figure out something special to make for Mr. Mustard's birthday dinner. Paprika was a trooper- 7 hours in the car today and 7 hours yesterday of aimless driving. She is wonderful and I can't believe how great she is sometimes!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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