Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Whirlwind Social Weekend

Whew! This weekend went by so quickly and we did so much! Friday night Jessica and Matt had us over to their new apartment for dinner. Paprika decided on Friday not to nap at all-

all day, so by the time we got to Jess and Matt's, she was so tired but she still didn't want to sleep. She stayed up until 2:30am before finally falling asleep.

On Saturday, we went to Santa Barbara because Mr. Mustard's mom's friend, Jane, threw us a baby shower and invited all of Mr. Mustard's mom's close friends. We had a very nice time and it was such a special and memorable afternoon. It was also great to get out of Los Angeles for a day. On Sunday, we drove back down to Los Angeles and went to a wedding in Malibu. It was a beautiful wedding- on the beach. Paprika came along and was SO well behaved. She made it through her first wedding and reception at 6 weeks old. :-) I was glad she didn't cry at all- I was nervous going to the wedding with her, but she was so good that she barely made a peep!

Yesterday, I saw Jacey in the afternoon and then Mr. Mustard and I (and Paprika) had dinner with Lauren and Don. It feels like things are starting to get back to "normal"- even though I know things won't ever go back to how they were before Paprika was born (and I wouldn't want them to)- I feel like we're getting more comfortable in our roles in taking care of her and incorporating Paprika into our family. She's becoming more expressive every day and it's so wonderful to see her personality really emerging. :-)

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