Friday, October 6, 2006

Mommy & Me!

Today I took Paprika to her first Mommy & Me Yoga class- we had a lot of fun! Paprika was enthralled with all of the other babies. I didn't get to do too much yoga because she wanted to be held the whole time, but that was okay. The class is for babies 6 weeks to 3 years old, so there were all different ages of kids there. I even met some young moms, which was nice- at 29, I am a young mom in Los Angeles, believe it or not!

Yesterday I had my 6 week doctor check-up (even though it had really been 7 weeks)! Mr. Mustard stayed home with Paprika while I went- and I realized that it's basically the first time since she was born that I have been alone. I'm either with her, Mr. Mustard, or both. It was very strange driving in the car totally alone. It seemed so much easier to get to the doctor's office than it used to- I guess because now whenever I go somewhere I have a little baby to take with me, so being on my own makes it seem so much easier to maneuver- something I took for granted before Paprika's birth.

I realize in little ways how sleep deprivation is affecting me. At the doctor's office, the first thing you do is give a urine sample. Well- they gave me the cup and I went into the bathroom. I didn't even have to "go", but I "went"- all the while forgetting that the whole point of being in the bathroom was to get the urine sample. I came out of the bathroom with an empty cup- looked at it, and it dawned on me that I had completely forgotten that it was the reason I had gone into the bathroom in the first place! Ugh! It's little things like that. :-)

I am starting on a massive organizational project at our apartment. I never had the "nesting" instinct while I was pregnant- I guess because I was too busy with the Bar and Pre-Eclampsia. I've started going through all the closets, getting rid of lots of stuff- basically, to make our apartment rock! I was inspired by Jessica and Matt's place, and now I can't get it out of my head that a one-bedroom could be really cool if I could clear out all the clutter. So, I'm doing it slowly but surely. Yesterday I got rid of my law school casebooks that are collecting dust on the shelves. I checked to see if I could sell them on Amazon, and some of them were only going for $1! I figure if I ever need to look at them again, I can buy them on Amazon for $1. In the meantime, I'm so glad to have the shelfspace.

Paprika is napping right now- ahh, peace! So, with this time, I should probably get back to my massive cleaning effort before she wakes up and my hands are tied!

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